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GREENATURAL is an eco-friendly, organic brand of sustainable and accessible products. Our comprehensive range of products enables environmentally responsible consumers to lead an ethical, healthy lifestyle when it comes to household and personal hygiene.

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Lozione protettiva citronella e lozione lenitiva aloe

Try the lemongrass protective lotion and the relief lotion with aloe and mallow, your allies for the summer.

The Refreshing Protective Lotion creates a film on the skin whose scent is unpleasant to insects. The Aloe & Mallow Relief Lotion is rich in oils and extracts known for their soothing and anti-reddening properties.

Linea completa di prodotti solari

The new Greenatural Summer Line is the perfect ally or enjoying the sun carefree while protecting nature and your skin.

Sunscreen, perfumed active waters, hair oil and after-sun milk: a complete range or a green-routine under the sun.

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The new Greenatural solid cosmetics line, certified "AIAB Eco Bio Cosmesi", to take care of one's beauty in a natural and ecological way, without waste and reducing environmental impact.




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The future is what

we will leave behind

to our children

Our actions today will directly affect the future: it is the place where we will live, where we will spend time together and the air we will breathe, where we will spend time together and the air we will breathe.



WE SELECT THE BEST RAW MATERIALS FROM VEGETAL ORIGIN We pay particular attention to the selection of raw materials and the choice of a renewable packaging that have a minimal impact on the environment, with the desire to approach a more eco-sustainable production cycle.

Lo sapevi che...

Integratore naturale al bergamotto

Bergamot is a daily aid for a balanced diet

It can also be consumed by anyone as a thirst-quenching drink to replace sugary drinks.

Buying in bulk is a way to use up to 80% less plastic.

Greenatural bags-in-box have a common denominator of sustainable consumption, energy and cost savings, plus a reduction in waste and CO2 emissions.

Did you know that citric acid pollutes 53 times less than vinegar?

There is a more environmentally friendly substitute for vinegar with the same performance: it is citric acid, an effective limescale remover, softener and rinse aid.

By 2050 the oceans could have more plastic than fish

Waste plastic makes up 80% of all marine debris. The plastic island in the Pacific is 1,000,000 km2 and by 2050 the oceans will contain more plastic than fish.

In order to perfume their garments our grandparents used cotton bags with dryed lavender flowers in them

If you do not own a cotton bag what about a sock? You can also use dryed lavender flowers to keep mosquitos and other unwanted bugs away.

“I support African Weaves”: donated 5,103 euros to the association in just 6 months.

We want to dedicate this article to all those who, with a small or large purchase of our Bag in Box products, have chosen to ...

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Worldrise e Greenatural insieme per l’ambiente

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