We want to dedicate this article to all those who, with a small or large purchase of our Bag in Box products, have chosen to support an important project: “I Support African Weaves”,the solidarity initiative we devised in collaboration with the Trame Africane Onlus association to support the communities of the Machaka village, located in the heart of Kenya.

Specifically, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Greenatural Bag in Box products from September until now has been donated to support the project. This has been made possible thanks to you, but the initiative will continue to achieve an even greater goal!

The nature of the initiative and the objective

On September 1, 2023, the collaboration between Greenatural and Trame Africane Onlus began, giving rise to the “I Support African Weaves” campaign. With this initiative, we supported the Machaka Project, which aids the Machaka village and its neighboring areas currently experiencing severe poverty conditions.

The aim of the project is to improve their living conditions by creating real opportunities for development and self-sustainability, through the construction or improvement of infrastructure, health education, education, vocational training, and employment.

Our promise has always been to act today for future generations, not only within our community, region, or state, but also towards those who are and will be less fortunate than us. This campaign is wonderfully demonstrating how unity of purpose and collaboration can translate into concrete and meaningful results.

Thanks to you, we have donated over 5,000 euros to date!

The solidarity shown in just 6 months since the start of the project has yielded fruits we didn’t think possible. With the purchase of each bag in box, we donated 30 cents to Trame Africane, totaling an impressive 5,103 euros today, a sum with profound and tangible meaning.

Utilization of the fund

This amount is earmarked to fund 12 scholarships for female students in “Secondary School,” thus offering young women the chance to continue their education and obtain a diploma, laying the groundwork for a better future.

Our next objective

By the end of 2024, the goal is to raise 10,000 euros and further expand the number of students benefiting from scholarships.

The choice to focus efforts on financing scholarships for “Secondary School” is not random. Secondary education represents a critical bridge in the educational journey, a moment when many young people, especially girls, risk dropping out of school due to economic, cultural, or social barriers. Investing in this segment means not only providing education but also combating gender inequality and promoting female socio-economic autonomy.

The Trame Africane Onlus association oversees a total of 144 students, an educational community that spans from primary school to secondary school and includes some university students as well. This extensive support network demonstrates the broad scope of the initiative and its long-term commitment to education as a tool for social change.

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